MyMathLab Coordinator:  Shawna Haider  e-mail:

NOTE:  The course ID for the Math 1010 generic site expired November 15th so if students were using it, they became locked out on the date.  I made a copy of the course with course ID slcc28601.  A student can log in and click on Enroll in Another Course and add this one.  They DO NOT need a new access code to do this.

For Course IDs to copy (either to create your own course or for generic course for student practice) see the Instructor Letter for the specific course or contact the course coordinator.

Contact Shawna for instructor access or questions regarding MyMathLab.    

 MyMathLab Getting Started Help

MMLhelpSLCC.pdf MMLhelpSLCC.pdf
Size : 143.057 Kb
Type : pdf

 Powerpoint to show students that gives MML Survival Tips (tips for using and keyboard shortcuts)


MMLstudentWS.ppt MMLstudentWS.ppt
Size : 7110 Kb
Type : ppt

 There are lots of short video clips for various topics from how to create a homework assignment to navigation.  They are located at

Some other tutorials are listed on the here.  The File name will tell you what the tutorial is about.

Managing Incompletes 2011_08.pdf Managing Incompletes 2011_08.pdf
Size : 104.11 Kb
Type : pdf
Item Analysis 2011_08.pdf Item Analysis 2011_08.pdf
Size : 148.769 Kb
Type : pdf
Late Penalty 2011_09.pdf Late Penalty 2011_09.pdf
Size : 27.184 Kb
Type : pdf
Lock Correct Answer 2011_08.pdf Lock Correct Answer 2011_08.pdf
Size : 28.012 Kb
Type : pdf
MML_Tutorial 2011_07.pdf MML_Tutorial 2011_07.pdf
Size : 1706.673 Kb
Type : pdf

This one is a complete tutorial with all lessons.  There is a Table of Contents so you culd jump to whatever topic you need. 

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