Math 1210, Calculus I
Spring 2013

Course Coordinators:
Ron McKay:
Shawna Haider:

Course Materials (for Instructors use)
M1210 Syll S_13.docx M1210 Syll S_13.docx
Size : 33.508 Kb
Type : docx
Homework Lists
Written only:
M1210 HW List S_13.doc M1210 HW List S_13.doc
Size : 36 Kb
Type : doc
Schedules (4 day and 2 day)
M1210S_13 MTWH schedule.xlsx M1210S_13 MTWH schedule.xlsx
Size : 26.577 Kb
Type : xlsx
M1210 S_13 MW schedule.xlsx M1210 S_13 MW schedule.xlsx
Size : 26.558 Kb
Type : xlsx
M1210 S_13 TH schedule.xlsx M1210 S_13 TH schedule.xlsx
Size : 26.201 Kb
Type : xlsx

Signature Project 
The first file is a pdf you can print and hand out to students
The second is a short 50 sec video clip to introduce the project

Math 1210 Signature Project - Pipeline.pdf Math 1210 Signature Project - Pipeline.pdf
Size : 180.161 Kb
Type : pdf
Math1210SignatureProjectIntro.mp4 Math1210SignatureProjectIntro.mp4
Size : 3648.628 Kb
Type : mp4
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